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Share the Adventure, Share the Savings. Discounted only until December 1st


Mount Washington 6ixPaks is a group of six, deeply discounted direct-to-lift alpine tickets. Split up your 6ixPak to share with friends, give to family or use entirely for yourself. The pack of six lift tickets offers savings, convenience, and flexibility for your winter mountain adventures and can be used any day of the 2023/24 season. 6ixPak early bird sale ended December 1st, 2023. Split, share and save 6ixPak tickets for the best deal on your ski days this winter! Give the gift of mountain experiences this holiday season.

Mount Washington Sixpak

Share the Adventure
Share the Savings

Add a 6ixPak of tickets to your shopping cart along with the weekly produce! You can purchase our shareable 6ixPak tickets in-store at Quality Foods across Vancouver Island, and then head directly to the chair lifts when you arrive at Mount Washington Alpine Resort. Save 26% off your ski days when you purchase by December 1st!

6ixPak tickets have NO blackout dates, however, tickets DO EXPIRE with the end of the 2022/23 winter season. 6ixPaks and individual 6ixPak tickets are not for resale and are non-refundable, with no exceptions.



The Daily Dispatch: Operations Updates

Stay up-to-date with important time-sensitive information from around Mount Washington Alpine Resort with The Daily Dispatch. Operational updates will be shared as our team is informed. Learn about interruptions on the road, lift status and mountain conditions.

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